The Following professional musicians have served as judges on one or more of the scholarship panels:

Peter Bellino, Trumpet                          Richard Mickey, cellist

Steven Bodner, saxophonist                 Elizabeth Morse, harpist

Doug Brown, trombonist                       Robert Pace, pianist

Ronald Carbone, violist                        Robert Reed, cellist

Michael Clement, pianist                      Janet Rowe, violinist

Kenneth Cooper, harpsichordist           Margery Ryan, soprano

Timothy Dunne, pianist                         Dan Shulman, pianist

Michael Emery, violin                            Elizabeth Silver, violinist

Ronald Feldman, cellist                        Mitzuko Suzuki, violinist

David Gotay, cellist                               Anne Turner, soprano

Eric Latini, trumpeter                            Lawrence Wallach, pianist

                                                             Stephen Walt, bassoonist

Susan Martula, clarinetist                     Brett Wery, saxophonist

Lincoln Mayorga, pianist                       Frances Pallozzi Wittman, soprano

Cornelia McGiver, bassoonist

Michelle McLoughlin, bassoonist

YEAR          WINNERS                                                        AGE                INSTRUMENT               USE OF FUNDS


2023            Yu-Heng Wang  (1st)                                       18                 Viola                               New England Conservatory

2023            Eujeong Choi (2nd)                                         16                 Cello                               Meadowmount Music

2022            Joseph Weinberg  (1st)                                   18                 Bass                               The Juilliard School

2022            Eujeong Choi (2nd tied)                                   15                 Cello                               The Juilliard School

2022            William Lauricella (2nd tied)                             17                 Piano                              Luzerne Music Center

2021            Anna Ryu (1st)                                                 17                  Oboe                              Brown U

2021            Eujeong Choi  (2nd)                                         14                  Cello                               ESYO; American ProtegĂ©

2020            Joyce Cheng (1st)                                            17                  Cello                               NYU

2020            Goni Ronen (2nd)                                             18                  Tuba                               TBD

2020            Anna Ryu  (3rd tied)                                          16                  Oboe                              ESYO, Randall Ellis

2020            Katie Rumin (3rd tied)                                       17                  Viola                               Martha Katz, Claudine Bigelow

2019            Aram Kim (1st)                                                  16                  Violin                               The Juilliard School

2019            William Pilgrim (2nd)                                         17                  Cello                                New England Conservatory

2019            Eura Choi (3rd)                                                  17                  Flute                                Empire State Youth Orchestra

2018            Bram Fisher (1st)                                               17                  Viola                               Eastman School of Music

2018            Will Peltz-Smalley (2nd)                                    18                   Violin                              Boston University

2017            Aram Kim  (1st)                                                  14                   Violin                              The Juilliard School

2017            Rachel Sohn  (2nd, tied)                                    17                   Piano                              New York University

2017            Eric Chang  (2nd, tied)                                       18                   Marimba                         Northwestern University

2016            Cooper Martell (1st)                                           17                   Marimba                         Manhattan School of Music

2016            Liri Ronen (2nd)                                                 18                   French Horn                   Bard College

2015            YeeJin Yuk (1st)                                                 17                   Piano                              Berkshire Music School; Greenwood Music Camp

2015            Paul Celebi (2nd)                                               18                   Piano                              Tanglewood; Oberlin College

2015            Noel Quinn Holloway (3rd)                                 18                  Marimba                          University of Rochester

2014            Hannah Cohen (1st)                                           17                  Violin                               California Summer Music

2014            Paul Celebi (2nd)                                                17                  Piano                               Berkshire Music School

2014            Taylor Forhaltz-Burbank  (3rd, tied)                    17                 Cello                                 Kinhaven Music Camp

2014            Zoe Ronen  (3rd, tied)                                        18                 Trumpet                             Boston University

2013            YeeJin Yuk   (1st)                                                15                 Piano                                Berkshire Music School

2013            Zoe Ronen (2nd)                                                 17                Trumpet                             SUNY Potsdam

2013            Hannah Cohen (3rd)                                           16                 Violin                                 California Summer Music

2012            Harry Rich (1st)                                                   18                Violin                                  Greenwood Music Camp

2012            Sophia Santore (2nd)                                          18                Voice                                  Duke University

2012            Morwenna Boyd (2nd)                                         19                Guitar                                 Interlochen Arts Academy

2012            George Dilthey  (4th)                                           17                Cello                                   Varna International Music Camp

2011            Julian Muller (1st)                                                18                Cello                                    Indiana University (Jacobs School of Music)

2011            Caitlin Smith (2nd, tied)                                       17               French Horn                         Eastman School of Music

2011            Morwenna Boyd (2nd, tied)                                 18               Guitar                                   Interlochen Arts Academy

2010            Brian Shank (1st)                                                17               Percussion                           The Juilliard School

2010            Julian Muller (2nd)                                              17               Cello                                     Meadowmount School of Music

2009            Cicely Parnas  (1st)                                            16               Cello                                     College of St. Rose; Peter Wiley

2009            Anton Rist (2nd)                                                  16               Clarinet                                Boston University

2009            Margaret Flanigan (3rd)                                      18               Voice                                    SUNY-Fredonia

2008            Brian Maloney (1st)                                             18               Marimba                               New England Conservatory of Music

2008            Margaret Flanigan (2nd, tied)                              17              Voice                                     SUNY-Fredonia

2008            Anton Rist (2nd, tied)                                           15              Clarinet                                 Long Island Youth Orchestra

2007            Mike Blair (1st)                                                     17              Tuba                                     Eastman School of Music

2007            Anton Rist (2nd)                                                   14              Clarinet                                 Long Island Youth Orchestra

2007            Brian Maloney (3rd)                                              17              Marimba                              ESYO; NYSSMA School of Orchestral Studies

2006            Cicely Parnas  (1st)                                              13              Cello                                    BUTI; Jonathan Bass; Doris Stevenson

2006            Mike Blair (2nd)                                                    16              Tuba                                    Atlantic Brass Quintet

2006            Edwin Rist (3rd)                                                    17              Flute                                   Jean Baxtresser Int'l Master Class; Moab Music Festival

2005            Madalyn Parnas (1st)                                           14              Violin                                   New England Conservatory of Music

2005            Emily Baker-White (2nd, tied)                               15              Viola                                   BUTI

2005            Bridget Mendel (2nd, tied)                                    18              Violin                                  Northwestern University

2004            Luke Massery (1st, tied)                                       17              Piano                                  Eastman School of Music

2004            Natalie Varriale (1st, tied)                                     17              Voice                                  Boston University

2004            Jorja Bagnera  (3rd)                                              18              Viola                                  Boston Conservatory

2003            Edwin Rist                                                             14              Flute                                  Sally Young

2002            Jesse Kissel                                                          17              Voice                                 Boston Conservatory

2001            Ian Garvie  (1st)                                                    16               Piano                                Hartwick College Summer Program

2001            Ashley Young (2nd)                                               17              Voice                             (Decided against music study and returned the award)

2000            Andrew Blanco  (1st)                                             17             Marimba                         Tanglewood; Richard Albagli

2000            Arthur Celestin (2nd)                                              14            Piano                              Blue Mt. Academy

1999            Andrew Pollock (1st)                                              16             Trombone                      Tanglewood

1999            Sarah Kohrs (2nd)                                                  17             Piano                             Eastman School of Music

1998            Jennifer Habeck                                                      17            Voice; piano                   Eastman School of Music

1997            Alucia Scalzo                                                          16             Clarinet                          Cleveland Institute of Music

1996            Noah Gelb                                                               17            Bassoon                         Brown University