Guidelines for 2024




The Uel Wade Music Scholarship exists to give young local area musicians an opportunity to further their musical studies. Application is open to any teenage high-school musician (instrumentalist or singer) who resides in Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer County or the Capital District in New York, or Berkshire County in Massachusetts.


To apply, mail or email a document containing this information:


− Name, address, telephone number, email

− Name of parent(s)

− High school, age, and grade level

− Names and telephone numbers of teachers with whom you have studied

− Number of years studied with each

− Main instrument played and for how long

− Other instruments played and for how long

− Theory or composition studies

− Average number of hours spent practicing (use most recent year)

− Name of music teacher or institution to receive your award, should you win one

− Career aspirations, if any have been entertained at this point

There is no entrance fee.


Applicants must present ten to fifteen minutes of music in a preliminary audition. Mr. Wade will select up to six musicians to perform before judges and a live audience in the final AUDITION/CONCERT. When the application document is received, Mr. Wade will contact the applicant to set up the preliminary audition.


Uel Wade donates $1,000. Also, if the applicant requests it, Mr. Wade provides piano accompaniment free of charge. Dollar additions to the award depend upon grants and contributions from individuals and businesses. The money is paid directly to a music institution or teacher, not to the applicant. (The award may not be used for study with the scholarship sponsors, Uel Wade and Marion Hunter.)


Designation of the scholarship award and approval of the institution or teacher to whom the award will be paid is the responsibility of the scholarship panel. The panel consists of professional musicians. Their decision will be made on evidence of musicianship, technique, commitment, intelligence, and passion.


Musicians may reapply in subsequent years, except for first-prize winners, who must skip a year before applying again.


Exceptions to these guidelines may occur only at the discretion of the Board.

Applications may be emailed to or mailed to:


Uel Wade Music Scholarship

40 Church Street

Chatham, NY 12037